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Why take advantage of this 2017 promotion

The context

Technology is evolving and your company must keep up with this evolution. Your site must be Responsive That is to say that adapts to all web terminals (smartphone, tablet, computer). The revolution is required by the largest number of smartphone and tablet users. Indeed, 72% of smartphones and tablets constitutes the percentage of visitors to all the sites in the world.

With this in mind, Glomulser offers you to verify for yourself whether your site is responsive.
Just visit  and fill in the address of your site.
Our site is an example of a reponsive site.

At a lower cost, this promotion will help you to recast or create your site to current standards. Contact us immediately to quote your site

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The administration of your services is ensured by a multilingual and easy-to-use control panel with the possibility of managing several domains simultaneously.Before buying our products and services. Please take a demo tour by clicking here

2017 Web Promotion


Make the redesign of your site for a new image of your company in the year 2017. Your site must adapt to any type of screen. If not contact us now.
From october 5 to december 05, 2017, we put at your disposal a team of experts to design, relooker, redesign and secure your professional websites at low cost.

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Promote your products and services through our E-mailling platform ticket. With more than 25,000 e-mail addresses targeted in Cameroon, we help you to carry out your advertising campaigns with visit statistics.

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