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Web prmotion 2017


Make the redesign of your site for a new image of your company in the year 2017. Your site must adapt to any type of screen. If not contact us now.
From october 5 to december 05, 2017, we put at your disposal a team of experts to design, relooker, redesign and secure your professional websites at low cost.

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Promote your products and services through our E-mailling platform ticket. With more than 25,000 e-mail addresses targeted in Cameroon, we help you to carry out your advertising campaigns with visit statistics.

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Become a free reseller web hosting company in your country ( no money needed)

The Free Reseller Program follows a proven, simple business model. It allows you to sell web hosting services without having to own them before that. This is a key difference between our Program and most of the hosting reseller programs available online, which require you to own the hosting service before you can start selling it.

The ability to sell web hosting services without owning them makes our reseller hosting program perfect for anyone on a tight budget or with no budget at all. You can become a reseller of virtual private servers, dedicated servers, semi-dedicated servers, shared web hosting accounts, domain names and SSL certificates at the price of a simple, free signup.

The Free Reseller Hosting Program allows you to resell ANY of the following services under your own brand (or label): Domains, Hosting Packages, VPS, Semi-Dedicated & Dedicated Servers. Beside the hosting service itself, we'll provide multi-currency billing and 24/7 technical support to your customers absolutely anonymously, on behalf of your private brand.

Risk Free Solution (No Upfront Charges or Extra Fees)

The most important of all is that there is No Risk whatsoever. Unlike with other alternatives, with us, if you make no sales, there will be no charges. We are also an ICANN accredited domain registrar. You will be receiving domain and hosting services directly from the source.
free signup.
No Reseller Deposits
In stark contrast to most reseller programs, we do not require any deposits from you. We will charge your clients directly on your behalf and will send you the profit that you’ve set on the basis of our wholesale price. That's it!
No Technical Skills Required
With us, setting up your hosting business will be as easy as setting up a social media profile. All server management, service configuration and payment processing procedures will be handled by us.
Full Reseller & Customer Support
Our technical support team will be available to you and to your customers around the clock. We’ll support your clients on your behalf through various channels - ticketing system, email, live chat and phone.
Full Branding Control
Your hosting brand will be everywhere - on your store, in the email notifications and service alerts that your customers will receive, etc. You can place your own logo and favicon on your store with a click of the mouse.
Responsive & Customizable Hosting Store
With our Store Master theme, you’ll have full control over the look & feel of your hosting store. Also, your store will be fully scalable and will fit every customer device and screen resolution.
All-in-One Reseller Control Panel
Unlike with most reseller programs, with our Free Program you will have only one Reseller Control Panel for all tasks, including hosting store setup, service management, billing processing, etc. tasks.